Rain Dogs and Love Cats

My new novel (my fourth) is out now. It's called
Rain Dogs and Love Cats
and looks like this --->

Here are some reviews....


"Packed with detail, almost heart-attack-inducingly pacy and with scenes of visceral violence and tension, Rain Dogs would be gritty and dark if it weren't so full of humour, wit and empathetic characters. Everyone knows someone like Charlie, a sort of bumbling everyman hero desperate to uncover the truth even as he reconciles himself to his grief. Exciting and human: a new mix. Well worth the hardcover price."

"Dark and hilarious. Holmes reminds you forcibly of Nick Hornby in his High Fidelity days."

Carla McKay, Daily Mail

"Exciting and unputdownable, Holmes delivers a cracking detective novel about life in the ’burbs, cleverly combining humour with brutality, while painting a very real picture of society."

"An engrossing, suspense-fuelled read. Andrew Holmes’s sharp, lively narrative is littered with withering one-liners, and he makes some deliciously wry observations about the ennui of suburbia – and, in this case, the darkness lying beneath it."